Alaura Grey – Tit Players

Tit Players

Tit Players

All big tits, all boobs in motion, all kinetic cleavage. Bouncing tits. Tits dipped in milk. Oiled tits. Self-sucked tits. Showered tits. Tits against glass. Jumping tits. Swinging tits. Danging tits. Squeezed tits. A non-stop collection of colossal cleavage and bodacious boob-bombs! This 30 minute edition stars Alaura Grey, Anna Beck, Nikky Wilder, Roxee Robinson and Sarah Rae. They do what most women can’t do because they have what most woman don’t have.

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Kianna Dior – Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

You’re due for a trim because your hair is looking like a man-fro. So you head over to your usual barbershop but it’s closed. You drive around and find a new place closer to your house and decide it can’t hurt to check it out. You walk in and are immediately skeptical. It looks a little too girly for your taste. Just as you are about to walk out, your hairdresser walks out. She’s a stacked Asian hottie who asks you if you want a cut and blow. A what? A blow? Surely she means a blow dry, right? Nope, she means a blow job, buddy. You see, this is Kianna Dior’s shop and she loves to break in her new customers by fucking the shit out of them right in the stylist’s chair. And she is a spitter. No, not the kind of chick that acts like she is allergic to your spunk. She is the kind of girl who likes to spit so she can give you an even sloppier blow job. Believe us, you’ll never get a better haircut or tit job in your life. So next time you need just a little off the top, maybe you want to head to Kianna’s for a little pop shot, too.

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Nila Mason – Sex Night

Sex Night

Sex Night

Nila Mason (pronounced Nee-la) is one of the newest XL Girls rockin’ the house with her beautiful face and plump body, big tits and chubby ass-cheeks.

“Hottie of curvalicious proportions…my favourite,” writes XL connoisseur Seth. “Fantastic new arrival…simply gorgeous!”

This scene, Nila’s second, is a lesson for all XL Girls in general. When they get dolled up to leave the house for a night out, they should dress first and not let the guy get suited up before them. Because what happens is the guy falls asleep in his clothes waiting for her and when she waltzes in the bedroom to wake him up and show him what she’s wearing, he gets horny and wants sex right then and there. So they never leave the place. This happens all the time to XL Girls models and we know they’ll agree.

When Tom sees Nila in a tight, form-fitting dress, it’s all over for going out and he’s all over her, rubbing her lips with his boner, squeezing it between her deep cleavage to fuck her tits and plowing her from behind like a mad man.

Nila Mason: a girl you want to show your love to.

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Lavish Styles – Breast Pumpin’ Areolas

Breast Pumpin’ Areolas

Breast Pumpin' Areolas

There’s something totally hot, yet totally deviant about the way that Lavish’s mind works. This is the type of chick who sees a breast pump and sees it as an opportunity to use it on her round, brown areolae. Why would she do this, you ask? Because she wants to make sure that her suckable nipples are nice and sensitive and very, very hard before she tells you to stick your hard cock between them. And why wouldn’t you want to pound Lavish’s sweet chocolate titties? Especially when she has taken the liberty to cream them up for you so that they are nice and slippery. We say that any girl who goes out of her way like that for you deserves a gift or an award, or something, right? So why don’t you go ahead and cream all over her tits and show her that you care.

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Laddie Lynn – If The Bra Fits

If The Bra Fits

If The Bra Fits

Laddie Lynn is a newcomer. Someone on her webcam told her that she’d be a good fit for XL Girls, and they were totally right. Photogenic Laddie (pronounced “Lady”) has double-K boobs and pointy nipples and she enjoys showing them off. She really plugged her soaking-wet pussy good. The camera was right on top of her and picked up every squish-squish sound.

XL Girls: How often do you wear bras?

Laddie: I generally wear a bra but I sometimes wear a baggy sweater so I don’t have to. I never wear a bra around the house.

XL Girls: You have double-K’s. Where do you buy your bras?

Laddie: I have to get my bras custom-fitted, then take them to a seamstress for final touch-ups.

XL Girls: Are you a sports fan?

Laddie Lynn: This year I was a total fan girl for Michigan State men’s basketball and the Carolina Panthers.

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Kamille Amora – Kinky Paddle

Kinky Paddle

Kinky Paddle

“I love being naked and showing off my body,” said Kamille Amora. “I pretty much walk around my house naked all day.” That’s a good thing and makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

The last time we saw Miss Amora, she was seeing the boob doctor at XL Girls because her 36I tits were getting bigger. His treatment for her worked wonders (and for us too). Here, Kamille does the fetish babe look with big black boots and a cage dress. Kamille wields a pretty big paddle too. We’ve done nothing to deserve a beating by the busty lap dancer so she lets us off the hook and spanks herself instead.

Kamille busted out of the ordinary early.

“I was a tomboy, so that had to end. You can’t be a tomboy with tits like these, and then they kept growing. I was 34 triple-D when I was 13, and by the time I was 16, I was a 36 double-E. I skipped F, went to G, skipped H and went to I. And I still don’t know if they’re done growing!”

You never can tell. Our boob doctor is standing by.

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Vanessa Del – The Awesome Tit Power of Vanessa Del!

The Awesome Tit Power of Vanessa Del!

The Awesome Tit Power of Vanessa Del!

Reformatted in HD, this Vanessa Del scene wiped out the hired cock by the time she was done with him. She’s a fucking super-woman.

It’s foosball time in the D.R. where the livin’ is easy and the women are so stacked, they seem to come from another planet. These girls are super-developed and have tits far bigger than the majority of the planet’s females. What is it about the D.R. that produced women like Vanessa Del, Miosotis and Kristina Milan? We don’t know but they’re here, they like getting naked and they love to fuck on-camera.

Mr. Cock is playing foosball with Vanessa but he quickly gives it up to nosedive between her 40-JJ cups and motorboat them. Vanessa loves masculine attention and boners. Our kind of woman. Earthy, lusty and not shy! They share mutual sucking and licking until they’re both ready to ride. Vanessa greedily pumps his pole with her wet, heavenly cunt. Foosball can wait. They have a much better game to play. Vanessa’s flesh mountains must be greased with ball juice and she would not have it any other way.

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Maria Moore – A Guy Always Wants Moore

A Guy Always Wants Moore

A Guy Always Wants Moore

While remastering this scene, Maria Moore’s dating philosophy popped up in our one-track minds because it was so unique and different. She explained it the first time the editors met her in person. The subject was a first date.

Maria: I have a theory about the first date. I think you should have sex first. Why waste your time having dinner with somebody you don’t like? I think you should just get it out of the way and find out if the sex is good, and then, if it works out, have dinner.

XL Girls: Let me get this right. A guy asks you out…

Maria: I believe in him coming in first and fucking me. I invite him in and have sex. That’s my preference. I’ve been rejected a few times and had a few bad dinners, but it usually works out to both of our advantages. We have sex and we relax during dinner. We have a better date, and, of course, we like each other more. I think that’s a better way.

XL Girls: You know, most girls want the dinner first.

Maria: They do not! They just think they want the dinner first. That’s the problem. It’s a rule, and they think they want to have dinner first, but they don’t really want dinner first. They want sex. It works up your appetite, then you want good food.

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Cassandra Calogera – Tight Tank Top Titties

Tight Tank Top Titties

Tight Tank Top Titties

Check out the fresh-faced cuteness of brunette bombshell Cassandra Calogera. At first glance, she looks like a busty chick you might bump into working at a Starbucks or a local sandwich shop. But don’t be fooled…Cassandra is a total freak and a skank to boot. How can you tell? Notice the first dead giveaway: The lip piercing. Chicks with facial piercings put out, man. The bling on their faces is pretty much an indicator of where they want you to coat their mug with your sauce. Second indicator? The wife beater tank top she has on. Why? It’s easily ripped off and it looks great soaking wet. The third sure sign that she wants to get nailed? The huge tramp stamp on her pelvis. Chicks with tattoos by their girly parts are letting you know that they want your eyes to focus on the prize, so they place a big tattoo near it so you look at it. It’s like an X-marks-the-spot scenario. So now that you know that Cassandra is a dirty girl who loves to hump and fuck and pretty much be all over cocks whenever she can, what do you do? You encourage her behavior, that’s what? How? You stick your dick in her, man, because if a hot, big-titted chick wants to own her inner sluttiness and show us just how fun her funbags really are, then who are we to stop her? Check out Cassandra in a tit-filled, tit-soaked wet t-shirt dance off. Then she gets naked and she hops right on the baloney pony and rides like a good, little cowgirl. You know what the ultimate test of a chick’s ho factor is? If she will fuck you like a pro right on the bathroom floor. And guess what? Cassandra will.

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Samantha Sanders – Big Bang For A Brit

Big Bang For A Brit

Big Bang For A Brit

Samantha Sanders and Steve waste no time in their second hot hook-up. His hands are all over the blonde Brit bra-buster’s plush curves and heavy hooters. As soon as they walk into the bedroom, Sam says to Steve, “Now you can fuck me.” When it comes to the high, hard one, Sam is not the type to play shy. Steve is eager to have another go and fill up this bodacious brickhouse. Her tight, wet pussy grips his cock as he plunges in while his hands get a firm hold on her full, solidly-packed breasts.

XL Girls: Hi Sam, would you say that most of your boyfriends fuck your tits? Do they ask or do you ask them?

Samantha: Yes, because my tits are so big. They love to give me tit wanks. Sometimes I just take charge and do it.

XL Girls: So how should a guy handle your breasts? Soft or hard?

Samantha: It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like a strong grip, sometimes gentle and easy. Steve has good hands.

XL Girls: You looked in good hands. Everyone loves a scene with a happy ending.

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